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Flourishing Dunamis Productions LLC

Television Shows

We evolve your manuscript to television shows! Think big! 

Stage Plays

We evolve your manuscript to stage plays too! Think big! 


We evolve your manuscript to short-films too! Think big! 


Shakela Ransom
Mary Wade
Catherine Erhardt
Keisha Lapsley
Owner, Keisha Lapsley

Flourishing Dunamis Productions LLC brings the community together for families and creating jobs through the art of entertainment. Providing entertainment through stage plays, short-films, featured films, television shows, commercials and more are just a few things we do. FDP is the production company under Inherited Kingdom Enterprise LLC. Quite a few of our projects has evolved from our publishing department, Golden Manuscripts Publishing LLC; causing you to evolve from pen to published to greater platforms!

Our Sponsors

Bringing Community Together Through Film and Video

And Through Books

ON The Go Pastries

On the Go Pastries is a film production of pastry contests for adults and children that remains On The Go… from city to city and sometimes even difference modes of transportation. Each year, through the event, we give proceeds to a charity that is close to our heart. 

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